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Unique Memoriez is a locally owned and operated entertainment company. What sets us apart is that we specialize in creating the perfect event package in your budget, producing the best experience for you and your guests.

We have been in the industry for 15 years, and give you the peace of mind and reassurance that your DJ understands your vision. Giving you the ultimate celebration to which all future events are measured against!

Audio Event Packages

Your source for event Audio/Visual. We offer the full range of Yorkville and JBL equipment to satisfy the needs of any, and all events.

Wedding Packages

We provide speakers, professional LED lights, dance music, a wireless microphone, a professional DJ, and over 50 thousand songs in our music library!

Video Dance Events

Speakers, large screens, Gobos, ultimate light show, and more! Pick the package that you want for your dance and then go crazy with add-ons like dance themes or some of our amazing prize packs.

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About Unique Memoriez

We are here to create any celebration into a Unique, Memorable and Elegant experience. We have been working in the DJ industry for several years, learning from everyone's needs on every celebration and we have all the experience to cater a professional and unique DJ Service.

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