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We are constantly doing community events that are open to the public. We would be more than happy to have you come check us out and ask any questions

Salsa Night

This is the ULTIMATE Audio Dance!  Bump it up with way more lights, more lasers, more effects, an 14,000 watt sound system good for as many guests as you can pack the place with, and you’ve got a dance that will keep everyone talking!

Carne Asada Grill Fest

This package is an affordable add-on to the Remix 3 that gives you one of the best light shows available adding in more intelligent lights, a bigger laser show and the latest LED effect lights!

Festival Latino

This is our basic Dance Package.  This package includes a massive 8,000 watt concert sound system, and a 20 foot section of club lighting.  This is a perfect beginner package that is great by itself or off the hook with a few of our add-ons

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We are here to create any celebration into a Unique, Memorable and Elegant experience. We have been working in the DJ industry for several years, learning from everyone's needs on every celebration and we have all the experience to cater a professional and unique DJ Service.

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